Spanx Underwear, Spanx Shapewear Review – Does Spanx Work?

Spanx Underwear has been deemed to be the latest must have womam’s wardrobe staple as the Look slimmer, avoid panty lines and look and feel your best. Its been seen on Oprah & Rachel Ray show but does it work? I splashed out on Spanx Shapewear about a month ago so its time i give it a review. The main reason i bought Spanx was because my tummy was more flabby after i gave birth to my son and I just wanted to look good.


I bought the high waisted one because with normal waisted ones it kinds of leaves you with a bulge upwards and the high waisted spanx worked a treat. I would advise is to make sure you buy the right size and length. Mine is knee leghth and I have to fold it up so it doesnt show when I wear dresses or skirts. Go for the longer spanx for trousers and jeans and the shorter ones for skirts and dresses. Below is a Spanx size chart to help you with sizing. If you are expecting just use your pre pregnancy size.

Spanx for me is heluva and I notice they also have spanx tights and bras and my next splurge will be a spanx t shirt bra called the SPANX Brallelujah. That will be my next spanx buy so watch the space. Spanx Store locations are mainly within other retailers. What I noticed is you get much choice online. Stores carry a few spanx undergarments and thats it.


The only down side of spanx is you have to splash out, I hear the other girls higly recommend I highly recommend you get them here as they have good deals on spanx.


The only downside of Spanx is you have to splash out emmm around $60 but I have found spanx here and you can save a great deal of money with a free shipping coupon

With Spanx, you’ll look fantastic in your short dresses and clingy skirts this summer! Smooth out your curves with no panty lines–it’ll be our secret!The difference is QUITE noticebable especilly when you are wearing a dress. I know we are heading into winter and you may not be wearing dresses that much but SPANX works magic if you are wearing trousers too…no one will see those hanging bits with. So if you, like me are a fashion recessionista want something that works to flatten your tummy but without the big price tag then get THIS. I wish i had known about the more PERMANENT budget friendly option before slurging on Spanx.





My bugbear has always been my belly and it’s a real effort to hoick it in and I always feel self conscious about it. The easiest cheat I discovered was Spanx but after 10mins I just want to take the thing off. It can be very uncomfortable especially when it’s hot. If you’re middle-aged, have ever been pregnant, or sometimes indulge in too much food or one too many beers and have a spare tire you’d like to get rid of, you probably know what I am talking about .

Much as I dream of a flat toned stomach, I absolutely loathe sit-ups – they hurt my neck and never seem to be effective. But recently I tried Hide-it-Forever plan which promises to give a flat belly in 4 days. I wouldn’t go that far but it certainly pulls you in at the waist and flattens your belly. My stomach has never been so flat.


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