Is there anything I can do at home that will earn me about $1000 a month?

I hate going out to work and the place I work is a horrible bitchy place and I have just had enough now. I’m mum of 2 little boys aged 2 and 1. I have just gone back after second lot of maternity leave and I spend my time thinking of how I can make some money in a way which would fit around my boys so I will be able to stay at home until kids are in school. I keep coming across blogging and how you can use your blog to earn (by putting adverts on it – you get a few pennies each time an ad is clicked) – has anyone tried this?? Any success or not? –  Gemma

You didn’t say what you current job is and what your passions are but here is my take; If you want to make a lot of money online you need to know what you can do and if people would be willing to pay you for it.

My $1000 Formula = Passion + You + Profitable Business

People used to keep saying the cliché that if you love doing something, then money comes after it. This is certainly true to an extend as I am an advocate of following your passions online. However instead of doing it blindly it’s important to research, the passion should be something that that can be monetized in the first place. There are things you love doing that won’t get you money. If you’re adamant about pursuing a track that’s both fulfilling and profitable, then you have to dig further… as the golden rule says- take action!


Making money by putting adverts isn’t what I would recommend as you main source of income. I have none on my website because of the pittance that’s paid on most adverts. For people who are just starting it’s not a feasible way of earning money because you need huge traffic to see the rewards. The important thing here is to start with your interest and what you know, it may even be learning a bit more about your interest by finding similar blogs and you do it better the find products and services that you can promote and you get commission.


Blogging provides a nice profitable income for my family and if you are ready to take action start here.

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