Hormone Imbalance Getting Pregnant

Hormonal imbalance often leads to problems getting pregnant. My tips here will help you overcome these problems but first what are hormone imbalances?


Hormones are chemicals. In the woman, the two hormones that are important before and during pregnancy are estrogen and progesterone. Now here comes the problem. Before a woman conceives, an egg must be released by the ovary. After this the egg must be implanted into a suitable uterus or womb.

Complex Balance

Several complex mechanisms in their own right have already been covered in that sentence. Now, all these processes are controlled directly by hormones. First, the release of the egg called ovulation which is about the most important step is controlled by hormones. How about the womb? The expression “suitable womb” as stated above is pregnant with meaning.

For the womb to be suitable for implantation, it must be appropriately thickened. This thickening is controlled by hormones. Then comes the final step-the attaching of the fertilized egg to the womb. This process is called implantation. And what controls it? You guess is as good as mine…. Hormones! So pregnancy starts and ends with hormones.

There must be a delicate balance in the levels of the female sex hormones for pregnancy to occur. Any imbalances therefore can greatly hamper a woman’s chances of getting pregnant. You can increase fertility by following simple advise.


You should not jump into the conclusion of hormonal imbalance. Only a suitably qualified expert can declare this after relevant tests.

Happily, if you think you have hormonal balance issues, the best specialist to talk to is the guy called a reproductive endocrinologist.

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