Is there anything I can do at home that will earn me about $1000 a month?

I hate going out to work and the place I work is a horrible bitchy place and I have just had enough now. I’m mum of 2 little boys aged 2 and 1. I have just gone back after second lot of maternity leave and I spend my time thinking of how I can make some money in a way which would fit around my boys so I will be able to stay at home until kids are in school. I keep coming across blogging and how you can use your blog to earn (by putting adverts on it – you get a few pennies each time an ad is clicked) – has anyone tried this?? Any success or not? –  Gemma

You didn’t say what you current job is and what your passions are but here is my take; If you want to make a lot of money online you need to know what you can do and if people would be willing to pay you for it. [Read more…]

Another feat conquered – yeahhhhhh half-marathon race completed

This is how the half marathon leaves you. yep that’s my son watching, he was probably too scared mum was going to pass out.

Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee I have done it. I ran, I conquered, I finished. It was a VERY hilly route, at one point it was just 6 miles going uphill. I have never run uphill that much but i am proud to say i finished the half-marathon race – 13miles (21km) non stop. YES you’re reading right, not a single stop. I was leading the pack that was nearly last and I enjoyed the atmosphere – the cheering and the beautiful Kent countryside. I am so proud of how much I have come in under 2 years. I am sooooooo tired now and I had a terrible cramp after crossing the finishing line. I still cant believe that its really me Sharon who has run the half marathon. [Read more…]

From Fat to Fit: My Journey From Couch Potato to Half Marathon Runner

Back in January 2011 when I first started running (rather walk-jogging), the thought of even running a mile would have given me a heart attack. It was an alien and abstract concept for me, I thought if I could do my 10 minutes run without huffing, puffing and stopping, my training would have been a HUGE success.

Today after finishing my last long run (13.2miles) till my half marathon next Sunday and I have been reflecting on my journey. While I remain amazed at how far I have come, I am equally optimistic that anyone (I really mean anyone) can do what I have done and more if they set their heart to it. Yes it’s the old cliché but it’s true.

In Dec 2010 I attended my brother’s wedding; I was horrified looking at the person in the photos. This was clearly me, 196lbs (89kg) and at 5′ 3″(1.6m). I was severely obese. On the 17th of January 2011, I decided to run and just be a bit more sensible with food. My first run was what I can only call traumatic, it was just a 10min walk-run but I was heavily out of breath. That week I managed to go out and walk-run three times and I was left with an aching body. I literally had to crawl up the stairs, even without running,  getting up and down the stair changing my baby would have left me out of breath and now imagine it after a bit of walk-run. My body was hurting everywhere especially my legs. [Read more…]

Follow me to £100 a day income in 90 days from this blog

Hi everyone I just wanted to add 90 days to £100 a day experiment that I will be running and documenting here starting on Thursday 1 November 2012.

I received an email today from somebody who asked “can you really make money blogging.” She wanted me to show her how it is possible to make a £100 a day from just 1 blog.

Not one to shirk away from a challenge, I have decided to show everyone exactly how I will do it as this blog in new. I have just started it and make money from it as I start the challenge.

Hopefully it can act as a bit of motivation for those of you out there that may be struggling to get going and perhaps are not making much money yet.

Why 90 days?

[Read more…]

How Mums Can Make Good Money with Blogs

I absolutely believe the “average” mum can make legitimate income online. I believe it not only because I have done it myself but stay-at-home mums, mum-to-be and even working mums are extremely good candidates for running successful online businesses from work: they have huge levels of discipline.

I started my online businesses when I was in working at the Jobcentre and all the mums I know just get it. The delegate authority well, arrange the daily tasks extremely naturally and create an automation in the household that just gets things done. Most of all, they utilise whatever time they have extremely efficiently. This might not be true of all mums but every single mother I know fits this description.

The crucial first step

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8 compelling reason to start blogging today and make money from it

I love blogging.

I love what I do.

I love genuinely helping people.

I am sure you know that already, but today I want to inspire you to start your own blog today.


You see, blogging has done a lot for me. It’s helped me to work from home, spend time with my children  and it’s helped me reach out to and meet other people I would had never met. It’s helped me travel the world and make a modest living from something that I actually enjoy doing.


As if that isn’t compelling enough, here are a bunch of reasons why blogging might be just the thing that you are after. [Read more…]

How do you manage working from home with children?

I see a lot of mums/dads who manage to work at home with the little ones. How do you manage to keep a quiet environment with the children at home (especially now that summer is here)? I love that I have been offered the opportunity to work at home while attending to my family, but it does seem like it could become a struggle. Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks!! Heather A

To put it simply – chaos.

I work different hours depending on the time of year. When school is out, I work for a couple of hours as soon as they are in bed and then I get up a couple of hours early and work. [Read more…]

Going to Start a Blog

I’m finally going to join the blog scene. I’ve been thinking about it & I want to do a blog that is pretty all inclusive for running a household. Personally, I don’t like having to go to one blog for menu planning, another blog for deals, yet another one for cleaning, etc, etc.

I think I have enough topics to do a topic 5-6 days a week, still working on that list. I just don’t know if its a good idea to do something so huge when I first start out.

I don’t even have any idea what to call the blog, so obviously I’m still in the planning stage. I don’t even know if I want to go through Blogger or do my own hosting…. Still planning. LOL

Ok, so now that I’ve got all that out. What do you think? I want honest opinions, but be gentle please.


All I can say is have fun…good for you…and be patient. I know WordPress in and out, have plenty of self hosted wordpress blogs…and it still was a rough road to get it all going. [Read more…]

Work from Home? No one believes it

Basically I get a handful of reactions when I mention I work from home.

1. They assume I sell Avon.
2. They think I’m lying about my income.
3. They assume I play on a computer all day.
4. If I don’t sell Avon, I must be doing one of those pyramid schemes.

In the age of internet and smart phones, why is it such an impossible assumption that I can actually make a money from my living room?

I’m griping. 😉 But I’ve spend a few minutes out of my time to explain to someone (on another forum) how to work from home, the person who had asked said thank you and then another person comes in saying, “Thank her for what? For lying about how much you can make online?” I’ve already told him off, but my point being is I can’t believe people assume we’re sitting around making pennies or whatever.

And this isn’t to dis anyone who sells Avon and for those who do just make pocket money because that’s all you want.

I know this is just the kind of crud we all have to deal with from time to time. It just irked me. 😉 Catherine M

I know what you mean. My friends still finds it hard to believe that I can actually live off of the way I do by what I make online, and I’ve been doing it for a good few years now. Occasionally they still ask things like “Are you still doing your online thing?” Well, hmmmm, did all my bills magically disappear? I always wonder how they think these get paid. [Read more…]

“You need to get a real job”

I have tried everything and I still find my husband telling me that I need to get a real job. I can’t keep on living like this anymore, it depresses me whenever we discuss the subject. I have tried explaining to him that it can take a while sometimes to get things off the ground. Please I am beginning to consider getting that real job and if you know of any jobs please let me know. -Olivia G

My mum used to constantly ask me, “So what are you doing now?” She hoped then that one day I’ll get a ‘real’ job. She thought my working on the internet was really playing around, but even the real money I made that paid for my real bills then didn’t seem to convince her. She felt I had wasted my time going to University and then not have a “real job”. Now my mum is my biggest fan, it took her long to accept I had moved from the corporate environment but she is now proud of my achievements. [Read more…]